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"Sata Andagi!"



Name: Rowan Hawes
Age: 17
Favorite food: Ramen Noodles or Jelly Beans
Least favorite food: Fish
Likes: Waking up and finding it snowed in the night, Hot baths, Sleeping, Kimonos, Personal space, Gunpowder, Military Uniforms and Alcohol XD
Dislikes: Little children, Being woken up early, Ladders, Day time T.V, Badly made horror movies, People walking behind me and People who are all touchy feely.
Five adjectives to describe your personality: Violent, Arrogant, Insane, Individual and Confident
Life goals: To become a fascist dictator, to be filthy rich and to die with no regrets
Favorite Azumanga character and why: Kagura ^^ no reason
Least favorite and why: Chiyo i dont like people who try too hard


Do you have any pets? Two cats one fluffy one not fluffy
Are you shy or outgoing? Outgoing but not too in your face
Would you consider yourself tolerant of others? not really depends who they are i suppose but not generally
Do you participate in extra-curriculars or are you part of the Go Home Club? Shooting club and i do a lot of sports like caving and walking and rock climbing
What type of people do you hang around with? People who always seem slightly weird
You can be too tall to be cute. True or false and why? False.....i am short *cries*
What are you afraid of? Growing old, People knowing all of me, Spiders and Being "possesed"
Are you a slacker or do you study/do homework? Slacker because i am naturally clever
What is your cure for hiccups? Drink a glass of water from the other side of the glass with your fingers in your ears....that usually works!
Favorite school subject? English
A shark is a type of fish. A dolphin is a mammal. Well then... is a snail a bug? Hmmmmm i thought it was an arachnid or something ....
Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you: Where do i start? I always fall over *blush*
Chiyo-dad. Real or imaginary? Imaginary its all in her head *whisper*

Fill in the blank: "Three years went by so fast. Chiyo-chan has gotten taller. Sakaki-chan's breasts have gotten bigger. I became jealous______."

Show us one or two pictures of yourself. If you don't have any pics, write a short description!


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