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Sata Andagi!


Name: Kylie
Age: 18
Favorite food: hmm...sushi and steak!
Least favorite food: fish of any kind >P.
Likes: Sleeping, eating, swimming, volleyball, drawing, sleeping more, movies, cats, hello kitty, my friends, college, umm I'm not sure what else to put rofl.
Dislikes: Fish, periods (SORRY X_x;...), liars, being really hot or really cold, people who steal attention, people who cut me off when i'm driving....
Five adjectives to describe your personality: Funny, cute, energetic, somewhat intelligent, caring
Life goals: To become a wedding planner =D
Favorite Azumanga character and why: Hmm, I think Miss Yukari. She's just the funniest thing EVER, but Tomo is a close second :D
Least favorite and why: ...Well I guess Yomi? Not that I dislike her, she's just not my favorite?


Do you have any pets? Yes, 2 cats and 1 dog~
Are you shy or outgoing? I'm shy at first, but once I know you or I'm comfortable I'm very outgoing
Would you consider yourself tolerant of others? LOL at times. I get annoyed quick ^^;
Do you participate in extra-curriculars or are you part of the Go Home Club? I'm in the Go Home Club in college but I did stuff in HS.
What type of people do you hang around with? Crazy people<3
You can be too tall to be cute. True or false and why? Eek...um um O_O; false? Because...my friends that are tall are still cute?
What are you afraid of? Being alone and the dark
Are you a slacker or do you study/do homework? X_x both oddly
What is your cure for hiccups? "What swims in the sea?" -- "Fish!"
Favorite school subject? Japanese~
A shark is a type of fish. A dolphin is a mammal. Well then... is a snail a bug? Yes =D o.o...
Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you: bwarfg um, probably...honestly I can't remember. Too many to even remember
Chiyo-dad. Real or imaginary? Imaginary?

Fill in the blank: "Three years went by so fast. Chiyo-chan has gotten taller. Sakaki-chan's breasts have gotten bigger. I became ______." I became RULER OF THE WORLD.

Show us one or two pictures of yourself. If you don't have any pics, write a short description!

sorry if they are too big...



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