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Name: Jessica

Age: 23

Favorite food: Chinese

Least favorite food: Mexican

Likes: Anime, manga, Internet, yaoi, yuri, movies, books, money, cosplay, conventions, food, friends, shopping, art, vacation, babies, cute things, shiny things, girls, supernatural, sunshine, nature, animals, energy drinks.

Dislikes: War, Bush, poverty, crime, disgusting things, homophobes, perverted old people, spiders, heights, nightmares, the dark, earthquakes, losing things I like/love.

Five adjectives to describe your personality: Emotional, responsible, shy, funny, weird.

Life goals: Finish school, get a good job, find love, live life the way I want it.

Favorite Azumanga character and why:

Chiyo-chan! She's cute! And I absoluely adore child prodigies! But I don't want to give off the impression that I'm a pedophile, or anything. Because I'm not!

Least favorite and why: Mr. Kimura. Enough said.


Do you have any pets? No.

Are you shy or outgoing? Shy.

Would you consider yourself tolerant of others? Yes.

Do you participate in extra-curriculars or are you part of the Go Home Club? I used to when I was in high school.

What type of people do you hang around with? People who share the same common interests and hobbies as I do.

You can be too tall to be cute. True or false and why? Tall people can be cute, too. I don't see why not.

What are you afraid of? Nightmares, spiders, heights.

Are you a slacker or do you study/do homework? Somewhere in between. Mostly the latter.

What is your cure for hiccups? Drink water.

Favorite school subject? Music.

A shark is a type of fish. A dolphin is a mammal. Well then... is a snail a bug? No.

Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you:

Um, I was walking at the mall with a friend, when I somehow noticed that there was a big hole behind my pants. As in, anyone could have seen my underwear. I don't know if anyone did, but I had to rush into the bathroom to check. They were new pants, too! I had no idea where the hole came from. I had to wear the pants backwards so I had a better chance of covering the hole with my jacket, and rush off to Target and buy a new pair.

Chiyo-dad. Real or imaginary? Imaginary.


Fill in the blank: "Three years went by so fast. Chiyo-chan has gotten taller. Sakaki-chan's breasts have gotten bigger. I became ______."

A college graduate.


Show us one or two pictures of yourself. If you don't have any pics, write a short description!

Chinese, very light-toned skin, big brown eyes, shoulder-length black hair, bangs.

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Hmm ... personally, I think Yomi. She's responsible, smart, wants a good job and so she studies for it. She hates Kimura 'cause he's a perve, yet loves cute things and Chiyo-chan. The cute-things and tolerant of others were Sakaki-like, but Yomi'll be my choice.
Definitely Kaorin, since you're shy, don't like Kimura, and like girls.
I think i see more of Yomi personally especially form your goals in life!
~could you vote for me please? thanks!

:D? Thanks for applying! Please feel free to stick around. As you can see, we're in dire need of a vote or two.

I definitely will.