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How Much Is A Sata Andagi?


Name: Sarah
Age: 21
Favorite food: Spaghetti and Meatballs
Least favorite food: Vegetables
Likes: Drawing, Cute things like cats and small things, Thinking about why people act the way they do, hanging out with my friends, playing video games, and walking around
Dislikes: Close-minded people, bullies, ignorant people, when my friends are upset
Five adjectives to describe your personality:
Life goals: Right now, I want to get my associates in Media Arts and Design and then transfer to a four year school to get a bachelors or higher in Psychology. Afterwards, I'd wanna work as a psychiatrist or a therapist
Favorite Azumanga character and why: As much as I love them all, I'd have to say it's a tie between Osaka and Tomo. Osaka because she's just really cute and innocent, and she's also very random. Tomo because even though she's like an idiot and may do a lot of stupid things, she has a good heart about her and she really cares for her friends.
Least favorite and why: Like I said, I kinda like them all but if I really had to pick one, it'd be all the cats that bit/scratched Sakaki. XD


Do you have any pets? Well techinically they're not mine, but my cousin has three cats, all boys. And they're all so cute.
Are you shy or outgoing? I am mostly outgoing, especially to my closest buds, but if I'm meeting like a guy that I think may like me or I like him, I might be a lil shy.
Would you consider yourself tolerant of others? I believe so. I mean, we all act like idiots one way or the other and that's okay, but if you do it constantly or if I'm in a bad mood I might say something about it.
Do you participate in extra-curriculars or are you part of the Go Home Club? Why yes, every Thursday at my college we have anime club, and then afterwards we all go out to eat.
What type of people do you hang around with? I like to hang with people that have a positive outlook on life. I mean I know we all go through hardships and bad things, but we can all overcome it and not let it bog us down. :) Also, I tend to hang with people that have the same interests as me.
You can be too tall to be cute. True or false and why? That is absolutely false! :O I would know. I'm one of the taller girls in my group of friends and they always tell me how cute I look.
What are you afraid of? Heights, Bees, Hospitals, Doctors, Needles and other sharp things, the sight of blood, and being alone (like being with a group of people, but it feels like you're not part of the crowd, if that makes any sense)
Are you a slacker or do you study/do homework? I do homework when I have to, like if it's a paper or anything I work on it bit by bit. If it's something simple like a few math problems I try to do them right away, but sometimes I usually do it the hour before class starts.
What is your cure for hiccups? Thinking about the last thing I was thinking about
Favorite school subject? You mean in high school? It was my Art class and German class. And in college, I really enjoyed my English classes.
A shark is a type of fish. A dolphin is a mammal. Well then... is a snail a bug? A snail is a slug with a shell on its back.
Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you: In fifth grade when I was finally able to have my own pair of jeans. I wore them to school during the first week of school, and as soon as I went on the playground they fell right down as I was in front of a group of boys. To be honest, I don't think they saw, but I was still embarrassed.
Chiyo-dad. Real or imaginary? Of course he's real. He's voiced by Norio Wakamoto.

Fill in the blank: "Three years went by so fast. Chiyo-chan has gotten taller. Sakaki-chan's breasts have gotten bigger. I became ______." I became more older. Damnit.

Show us one or two pictures of yourself. If you don't have any pics, write a short description!

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