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Shintarou Inuzuka

Sata andagi !!!


Name: Baron Shintarou Inuzuka of Sealand! (Exclamation point is necessary.)
Age: 25. I'm a quarter of the way to 100; wish me luck!
Favorite food: Pizza or okonomiyaki
Least favorite food: Ham and pork. Except barbecued pork and ribs. That stuff's good.
Likes: Singing, acting, the cultures of the world, languages (learning Japanese, German and Finnish!)
Dislikes: People getting away with being jerks, little slaps in the face from life to me, big slaps in the face from life to me
Five adjectives to describe your personality: Odd, caring, friendly, depressed, ... did I mention odd? Oh, I did? Good. ... and sarcastic.
Life goals: I want to be able to bring something useful to the world. I would also like to experience another culture long-term.
Favorite Azumanga character and why: Osaka, just because of her randomness. Also, Sakaki, whose scenes with that cat on Okinawa gave me warm fuzzies.
Least favorite and why: I don't think there's any character I dislike!


Do you have any pets? Yes, a dog. She looks like Finland's dog from Hetalia (obviously, the dog in the picture, not the person), and she has a bad habit of trying to get me to play fetch the second I walk in the door when I visit my family, even if I'm carrying something heavy.
Are you shy or outgoing? Shy around new people, but once I get to know people, I start to get more outgoing. Also, on stage, I can get so outgoing after a few drinks that I'd dance around in a skirt singing "How Lovely To Be A Woman."
Would you consider yourself tolerant of others? Yes.
Do you participate in extra-curriculars or are you part of the Go Home Club? I loved being part of extra-curriculars in high school; it's where I made almost all of my friends.
What type of people do you hang around with? Pretty much anime nerds like myself.
You can be too tall to be cute. True or false and why? False; cute has nothing to do with height.
What are you afraid of? Death, heights, failure in life and needles, though needles I've started to fear a lot less lately.
Are you a slacker or do you study/do homework? I try to study, though I sometimes need a bit of motivation.
What is your cure for hiccups? Videos such as this one. (WARNING: DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART.)
Favorite school subject? Foreign languages and music.
A shark is a type of fish. A dolphin is a mammal. Well then... is a snail a bug? A snail is food in a French restaurant. Try telling the cooks there that they're serving bugs, and they'll definitely have a few choice words to say to you. Granted, chances are you won't understand what those few choice words are, but believe me, they'll say 'em anyway!
Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you: In Korea, a group of people literally lined up to call me fat when I went to the beach.
Chiyo-dad. Real or imaginary? He's gotta be real; Chiyo couldn't just have a mother. (Or COULD she?)

Fill in the blank: "Three years went by so fast. Chiyo-chan has gotten taller. Sakaki-chan's breasts have gotten bigger. I became ______." a man who transforms into a magical girl. All in all, it was business as usual.

Show us one or two pictures of yourself. If you don't have any pics, write a short description!
I doubt I look like any of the Azumanga Daioh girls, but here you go anyway.

And just to help you out with rating a male in a series where almost every character is female:

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