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Welcome to Azumanga Daioh Stamping!

The Azumanga Daioh Rating Community!
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1.No flaming. This is our happy place. Please don't make us pull out your fragile human heart through your ribcage, we'll feel really bad about it afterwards. If you can't keep nasty remarks to yourself go scream into a pillow or something and don't bother us.

2. You're more than welcome to re-apply if you get rated as someone you don't like, or even if you just feel like doing it again. However you cannot reapply more than twice and you must wait at least a week between applications. If you're still not happy with your stamp after the third try, tough cookies. Go grab the stamp yourself ^_^

3. Please try not to push yourself for any specific character, for instance dont act exactly like Sakaki so you'll get stamped as her because she's your favourite. JUST BE YOURSELF.

4. You will be stamped once you have four/five votes for the same character. Failing that, if you still havent been stamped after a week, we'll stamp you as the character you recieved the most votes for.

5. You DONT need to be stamped in order to rate someone. The more people that vote the better ^_^

6. When you're voting please try and base your vote more on personality rather than basing it solely on what the person looks like. Although looks is still a factor, just not a deciding one. PLEASE BOLD YOUR VOTE, it avoids confusion XD;

7. Feel free to promote your community here :D Just make sure its somehow related to either Azumanga, Anime or Japanese related AND/OR a stamping comm.

8. Also, if you wish to affliate with us, just put a note up and, provided you are somehow related to Azumanga Daioh AND/OR a stamping comm.

9. PLEASE USE LJ CUTS WHEN PUTTING UP YOUR APPLICATION - makes things a whole lot more readable for those who dont want their flist flooded.

10. Finally, to show that you've read the rules put "Sata Andagi" somewhere in your subject line. Failure to do this will result REJECTION OMG, or we'll stamp you as someone lame - like Hitler.


Copy and paste the contents into your post :D

battle_rating - A rating comm for the japanese movie "Battle Royale"
fm_a_rating - A Full Metal Alchemist rating community
fma_mirror - Full Metal Alchemist rating community based on looks
elfen_rating - An Elfen Lied rating community
tmm_mirror - A Tokyo Mew Mew rating community based on looks
lupin_rating - A Lupin III rating community
trueduelist - A Yu Gi Oh rating community
keybladerating - A Kingdom Hearts/KH2 rating community
digi_rating - A Digimon rating community
dothack_rating - A Dot Hack Rating community
jetzgirls_group - An Anime/Manga community
neoneva_rating - A Neon Genisis Evangelion rating community
mt_r4tings - A Mega Tokyo rating community
saiyuki_ratings A Saiyuki rating community</i>
hellsing_stamps - A Hellsing rating community

If you would like to affliate with us, put a post in the comm itself and we'll reply back as soon as we can :D